St. Louis real estate agent John Skaggs. Buy, sell, and very investor friendly.

Buy St. Louis Investment Property on Retainer.


Do you get the feeling that real estate agents don't want to work with you because you make a ton of low ball offers?

Well I will work with you and we can make as many low ball offers you want.  

When you purchase investment property on retainer, you don not have to pay a commission to the buyer's agent.  

Here is an example of how it works.  

Let's say we spend five hours working together one week to find an investment property for you and that the offer you got accepted was for $50,000.  

Since we worked five hours on the deal you would only have to pay the buyers agent $140 (+$199 to the broker at closing.)

Usually on a $50,000 sale there is a 6% commission and the listing broker and selling broker split it 50/50. 

6% of $50,000 is $3,000.  50% is $1,500.

So usually on a $50,000 sale the seller would net $47,000 because of the $3,000 commission being paid.  

However with your offer of $50,000 the seller would net $48,331 because the selling broker commission is going back to the seller.  This gives you an edge making offers.  This will help you get more offers accepted. 

So now, lets go start looking at property.